Jason Woodcock

With a background in conservation and animal behaviour studies, Jason's passion lies in the natural world. He adores all things nature and enjoys nothing more than spotting rare and interesting species out in the wild. He has also worked in a zoo and knows plenty about keeping the animals inside our homes healthy and happy, too.

British Wildlife of the Week (Special): Badger Culling

Today is National Badger Day – the perfect time to celebrate the UK’s largest living land carnivore. But although most people have a strong affection for this bumbling black-and-white creature, the badger is probably Britain’s most controversial mammal, commonly hitting the headlines – and almost always for the wrong reasons.

Should You Clean Out Nestboxes in Your Garden?

For our garden birds, the breeding season is now over. The nestboxes in our gardens that a few months ago were home to hungry broods of blue tits or house sparrows now lie quiet and empty. Well, not quite empty. They will still contain the nesting material used by the previous occupants. Should you just leave it in there over winter or clean out nestboxes in preparation for new birds next spring?

British Wildlife of the Week: Pheasant

Today is October 1, which means that the pheasant-shooting season has officially started. One of our most striking birds, the male common pheasant has coppery plumage, a bottle green head with blood-red face wattles, and a barred tail that’s as long again as his body. Although today a quintessential feature of the British countryside, the pheasant looks too extravagant, too exotic to really belong here. And that’s because it doesn’t.

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