British Wildlife

British Wildlife of the Week: Ruddy Duck

Culling animals is almost always controversial. In this day and age, killing wildlife – whatever your goal – can attract attention from people who fundamentally oppose such measures. In many cases, culling has questionable motives, other alternatives are available, and the evidence supposedly promoting such a move is scientifically unsound (here at The Nature Nook, we believe that badger culling in an attempt to eradicate bTB falls under this category).

British Wildlife of the Week: Fly Agaric

If you ask a child to draw a toadstool or mushroom, chances are they will produce something that looks very much like the fly agaric. This distinctive species has a thick white stem topped with a bulbous red cap, which is dotted with white blotches. Its autumnal abundance and vibrant, gaudy colours have made the fly agaric probably the most recognised and iconic of all our mushrooms.

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