Our Values

We at the Nature Nook want to be a different kind of pet shop. We aim to bring you reliable, great quality and, above all, ethical products, advice, and services. To do this, we feel we must be transparent and accountable. We will clearly present to you our ethical guidelines so that you can see for yourself the many ways in which we are dedicated to transforming an industry that has all to often held profit over ethics. Our approach to ethics encompasses three broad areas: animal welfare, husbandry standards, and the environment.

Animal Welfare

Dedication to animal welfare means that animals come first before they reach us, during their time with us, and even after they are in their forever homes. We achieve this by carefully vetting the breeders from whom we supply our animals. Each breeder must be personally checked by an experienced member of our team, who will use standards laid out by the RSPCA to determine if breeding animals are being kept to the high standards we expect. We also have a strong outlook on the treatment of animals who have surpassed the age of breeding. No animal should be made to breed when it is no longer healthy for them to do so, and those wonderful parents who have bought gorgeous fur babies into our homes should be treated with the utmost respect when it comes for them to retire. Retirees should be kept on as pets and given nothing but the very best of care.

While in our stores we will ensure that every aspect of any animal’s needs is met. This means being kept in a large enough enclosure to fully move around and play, as well as being given plenty of personal attention to keep them happy and healthy. We also have extremely high standards of nutrition and will ensure that each animal is fed on a diet compliant with RSPCA recommendations. Unfortunately not every animal, no matter how well cared for, can always be completely healthy, but we are committed to never depriving an animal of the care it needs. This means that every bump, scratch or little illness will receive immediate and appropriate treatment, no matter how costly the vet bills may be. If you do happen to take home a pet and then discover that it came with an illness or injury, we will, of course, be willing to provide the treatment needed for your new animal, in compliance with the terms laid out to you at the point of purchase, or explained to you by a member of staff while you are still deciding if it is the right time to take home an addition to your family.

Our commitment to the animals in our store extends beyond the point they leave our doors in the hands of their new loving family. Our team of experts is always willing to provide advice for as long as you have your pet. No question is too small and we are committed to helping you adjust to the new routine of having another animal in your home. This does mean, however, that sometimes buying a pet from us may take a little longer. This is because we need to be sure the animal we are selling is the right one for you – we want to make sure you have the right amount of space and time to get the best out of the bond you form with your new family member.

Husbandry Standards

A commitment to husbandry standards goes beyond complying with minimum cage sizes or using a reputable food brand. As experienced zookeepers, we will provide zoo-level care to all pets, no matter how small. Cages will always be clean and equipped with all the enrichment necessary to keep a pet not just surviving but thriving. Our cages don’t just meet minimum sizes, they exceed them – and each employee takes the time to learn the animals personally so that their likes, dislikes, and personal needs can be accommodated.

Having experienced and highly trained staff means that the advice you receive when you buy a new pet with us will be personalized and completely compliant with the currently accepted standards of pet husbandry. We have dedicated a huge amount of time to ensure that we can advise on best practices for a wide range of commonly kept pets – and even some more unusual ones too. This means we can be confident that the high level of care provided in-store can also be provided in each pet’s future home. No product sold on our shelves is knowingly harmful, dangerous or sub-standard, so you can shop with confidence and provide the highest possible standard of care for a fair price.

The Environment

The animals outside of our homes are just as important to us as those inside, and that is why we have an environmental focus in everything that we do. We aim to stock the most environmentally sustainable products currently available and provide more conscientious alternatives to some of the more widely available brands. Our store itself also operates with the highest environmental standards in mind when it comes to electricity, waste disposal, and packaging. This means you can be sure that not a single penny spent with us is funding unethical practices at any point in the process that went into putting the product on the shelf.

We also want to help you do your bit for the natural world too, which is why you can find a range of products aimed at making conservation accessible. Every bug hotel and bowl of hedgehog food takes us one step closer to protecting our precious wildlife. Follow expert guidelines given on our blog to make your home and garden more eco-conscious, and ask our team for advice on supporting the wildlife around your home.

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