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Here at The Nature Nook, we aim to bring the highest quality ethically sourced pet supplies right to your front door.

Welcome to The Nature Nook

We know a lot of pet shops claim they’re different from all the others – but we really mean it! We promise that all of our products are safe, wholesome, and healthy for the pets they are intended for, and we will only stock animals that come from reputable breeders.

The Nature Nook isn’t just about pets. We firmly believe that owning pets is a great way of reconnecting with animals – and with the natural world in general – so we’ll also be selling products to nurture the wildlife in your own back garden.

Our online shop isn’t open yet, but keep checking back regularly. Make sure to also follow our blog, which will feature regular updates on our journey as we bring our vision of The Nature Nook to life, along with advice on how to care for your pets, conservation issues from around the world, and amazing facts about some of the wild animals that we share our planet with!

Recent Blog Posts

Freaky Frogs: Hairy Frog

Welcome to another fortnightly edition of Freaky Frog Friday! This time, we’ll be taking a brief look at the hairy frog from central and western Africa. As you can see from the taxidermied museum specimen…
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Five Brilliant Bird Beaks

The earliest proto-birds, such as the famous Archaeopteryx, had heavy, tooth-filled jaws. But as birds continued to evolve and became increasingly aerial animals, they developed new ways of keeping their weight down. In addition to…
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British Wildlife of the Week: Ptarmigan

The Scottish Cairngorms must surely be one of Britain’s harshest environments. Living in this spectacular mountain range, which was chiseled by glaciers and rainfall for millennia, truly is a battle for survival each and every…
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