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Here at The Nature Nook, we aim to bring you high quality ethically sourced pet supplies. Pop into our Paignton store, at 1-5 Totnes Road, TQ4 5JX

Welcome to The Nature Nook

We know a lot of pet shops claim they’re different from all the others – but we really mean it! We promise that all of our products are safe, wholesome, and healthy for the pets they are intended for, and we will only stock animals that come from reputable breeders.

The Nature Nook isn’t just about pets. We firmly believe that having pets is a great way of reconnecting with animals – and with the natural world in general – so we’ll also be selling products to nurture the wildlife in your own back garden.

Make sure to follow our blog, which will feature regular updates on our journey as we bring our vision of The Nature Nook to life, along with advice on how to care for your pets, conservation issues from around the world, and amazing facts about some of the wild animals that we share our planet with!

Recent Blog Posts

Animal Record Holders: Biggest Egg Ever

The common ostrich is the tallest and heaviest bird alive today. It can grow up to 2.8 metres in height and weigh up to 150 kg, which is 50,000 times heavier than the smallest bird,…
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British Wildlife of the Week: Hare

Last week, in the run-up to Easter, we looked at the history and the ecological importance of the European rabbit. Today, we’re turning our attention to its larger and more elusive relative, the brown hare….
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Freaky Frogs: African Clawed Frog

From the 1930s through to the 1960s, a small aquatic frog was used as a biological pregnancy test. This may sound suspiciously like one of those medieval folk remedies – in the same vein of…
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British Wildlife of the Week: Rabbit

With Easter now approaching, The Nature Nook is going to be taking a look at a few animals that are closely associated with this springtime holiday. The first to take centre stage is the European…
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Alex’s Top Five Cutest British Animals

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our British Wildlife of the Week series, you’ll know Britain is home to many weird and wonderful creatures. But during springtime, they all start to have babies….
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The Coronavirus Crisis (Part 3): One Year Later

Last August, I wrote two articles on the coronavirus pandemic – one explaining how the virus passed from animals to humans, probably via a wildlife market in China, and another exploring how the subsequent lockdowns…
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