Jacob Sheepskin Pet Bed – Dartmoor Sheepskin


A big, soft, thick fleece in the piebald pattern. A substantial chunk of a sheepskin that strikes a nice balance between beauty and utility – this is easy care soft hide with medium to medium-long hair. It’s a dense fleece and you can definitely get plunge your paws right in.

Just enough of the shake-it-off ability that sheepskin has with the British weather, (but luxurious enough for even a cat).
Sheepskin is unique in how it handles moisture content, drawing it away from your pet. The wool fibres themselves are hydrophobic, meaning they release dirt easily and dry quickly.
Sheepskin has evolved to protect animals. Wool fibres are hydrophobic, making sheepskins easy to keep clean. Our range of Dartmoor Sheepskins can be machine washed, and can be dried quickly in a normal machine.
Length: 90 cm
Width: 60 cm
Depth: 6 cm


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